As a seasoned sugar daddy, I’ve had my fair share of experiences in the sugar dating world. While I’ve had some incredible relationships over the years, there was one experience that stood out to me, and not in a good way. It was a lesson that every new sugar daddy should take note of: be wary of potential scammers.

I found myself on SeekingArrangement, a popular sugar dating site, after reading a news article about sugaring that featured an interview with a sugar baby from Florida. As someone in a sexless marriage who wasn’t interested in leaving, I thought sugar dating could be the solution to my problem. I connected with a potential sugar baby who seemed perfect for me. We texted and spoke on the phone for weeks and even planned two meet-and-greets, but both times she canceled, citing emergencies and being upset.

Despite the red flags, I was convinced that she was the one for me. She checked all the boxes, and her photos seemed accurate. Towards the end of the month, she texted me, almost hysterical, claiming her roommate had bailed on her with no notice, leaving her in a bind. She begged me for money, telling me how she was barely getting by and putting herself through school working as a nanny. She even went into details about her difficult childhood, tugging at my heartstrings.

I hesitated, telling her I wanted to meet first, but she went into a full-blown emotional meltdown, accusing me of not caring and not being the father figure she had always wanted. Feeling guilty and naive, I decided to send her the money. It wasn’t a significant amount for me, and I thought it could solve her problem. I imagined her falling down in gratitude, and we would have a spectacular meeting.

After sending the money, she didn’t immediately ghost me. Instead, she texted me, practically crying with joy and gratitude, telling me I was the one she had been looking for. We set up a meeting, and she insisted on going straight to intimacy with an allowance, and I agreed.

Days after our meeting, I received a text from her with a photo of a new leather couch in her apartment, surrounded by heart emoticons. She wrote, “DADDY!! I GOT IT! You are the BEST!!!!” Confused, I replied, asking about the money I had sent her because she had told me she needed it because her roommate bailed on her. She blocked me instantly, and all channels of communication were closed.

After some reflection, I realized that she had scammed me. She had a sob story that she used to manipulate and guilt-trip me into sending her money. She wanted the couch and gave everyone she could string along a different story about why she needed money. In the end, she got what she wanted, and I was left feeling foolish and naive.

As a seasoned sugar daddy, I should have known better. But, for new sugar daddies, this is a cautionary tale. Be wary of potential scammers who try to guilt-trip you into sending them money before you’ve even met. Always meet in person before sending any money or gifts. Trust your instincts and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty or obligated to give them money.

In conclusion, my experience taught me valuable lessons that I pass on to new sugar daddies. Sugar dating can be an incredible experience, but it’s crucial to be cautious and aware of potential scammers. Don’t fall for sob stories or guilt trips, and always meet in person before sending money or gifts. Trust your instincts and have fun, but be safe.